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Welcome to Best Self USA

Best Self USA is a full spectrum counseling and life skills training facility in Naples, FL offering long distance counseling services in the privacy of your own home by use of Computer Assisted Psychotherapy. Watch the popular video “Help My Brain has a Mind of it's Own” above.

Best Self USA also serves local clients from their downtown offices on Naples Bay – and Our North Naples office. Our Executive Coaching Office is on the famous “Fifth Avenue” in downtown Naples.

Since we began in 1975, we have been able to help thousands of troubled clients. You too can have a happy, healthy, rewarding life!


Our Adjunct Staff includes:

    • Psychiatrists
    • Forensic Diagnostic Psychologists
    • Social Workers
    • Pastoral Psychotherapists
    • Certified Addiction Counselors
    • Biofeedback Coaching
Private Executive Coaching

In the 1970s Sam Sewell served on the faculty of Sterling College where he researched and created the Marketing and Management Science Curriculum. Sam guided the core curriculum through the federal accreditation process based on scientific management principles developed by Abraham Maslow (Eupsychian Management), Peter Drucker (Drucker on Management), Douglas McGregor (The Human Side of Enterprise), and the work of John Nash, winner of the Nobel Prize for economics, who mathematically demonstrated that more wealth is created by cooperation than competition.
Biofeedback Coaching

Biofeedback has many therapeutic applications, but the primary goal of biofeedback training at Best Self USA is to empower the individuals to have volitional input into and management of the autonomic functions that create stress and emotions.


"In a time of deep family crisis, we were blessed to find Revs Sam & Bunny at Best Self USA.  They understood our spiritual struggles.  We still rely on them to help guide our family through the good times and bad". 

Mr. & Mrs. T, Naples FL

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Youth & Student Services 

Rev. Sam Sewell is a Gifted Child Coordinator for MENSA, the high I.Q. society. Revs Sam and Bunny Sewell work together in their sessions. This provides minors with the "mother/father" dynamic to the counseling experience. The Sewells have decades of experience in establishing meaningful therapeutic relationships with children and teens. 

The Sewells also offer a Pre-College Life Skills Program for college bound young people so they can learn the skills for living a successful life that are not taught in high school.

Nutritional Guidance

Best Self USA is well known for finding nutritional solutions to emotional problems. They use the highest quality nutrients from the largest natural nutrition company in the world. General nutritional counseling is offered without fees.


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Marriage & Family Counseling       no_1.jpg

A husband and wife therapy team brings both the male and female perspective to working on areas such as pre-marital counseling, helping troubled couples, effective parenting skills, caring for the elderly, and grief related events for the entire family.

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Education & Training                 pic_5.jpg
Cognitive/ Behavioral Therapy uses education and training to achieve results. Personality profiles, books, workbooks, videos, audio CDs, and many other tools are used to help obtain the solutions that are needed. These tools reduced the cost while enhancing the effectiveness of the therapeutic experience.

Diagnostic Testing & Personality Profiles

We use well-established diagnostic tools to pin-point problem areas and measure the healthy personality traits already present in our clients.