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Love & Love
Every time we try to explain the two kinds of love to someone, they know very well  whatwe are trying to say. We all have noticed a distinct difference between LOVE and love. However, we don't seem able to make the distinction between the two until after we are hurt and confused........

The Traits of a Self-Actualized Person

    15 Characteristcs of those who are Actualized

Rational-Emotive Therapy: 
Challenging irrational ideas

  Our thoughts influence our feelings. If you think people won't like you, you feel disappointed and withdraw socially. If you think nothing will work out well for you, you feel sad or passive and won't try. If you think you must have help to do something, you may feel inadequate and be dependent. If you think you are stupid and incompetent, you may feel worthless and be indecisive and self-critical. No doubt there are connections between thoughts and feelings and/or actions

Do you act like a parent to your mate?

  When you and your partner got married, I doubt if either of you wanted the other to act as your mother or father. But as the years roll by, spouses frequently take it on themselves to act more like a parent than a mate

Orthomolecular Medicine Revisited

  Orthomolecular treatment of clinical conditions amounts to only a small percentage of total medical care rendered in North America. Persons with health disorders who seek treatment from their physicians are likely to receive a wide variety of drugs.

Non Drug Therapy

 In 1976, Philadelphia psychiatrist David Burns, M.D., became the father of a son, David Erik. The birth was normal, but something was clearly wrong with the newborn. His skin looked blue. He had difficulty breathing and he gasped for air. The obstetrician reassured Burns and his wife that David Erik’s condition did not appear serious, but he explained that the infant’s bloodstream wasn’t getting enough oxygen. As a precaution, the obstetrician said he wanted to send David Erik to the intensive care nursery for extra oxygen

The Neurotransmitter Collection

 A Gallery of Microscope Art and Descriptions of the major Neurotransmitters which run through our Nervous system

Mood Management May Save Your Relationship

 As the pace of life continues to soar, so do tempers, depression, anxiety and stress. Yet you can’t go around venting your anger on difficult customers or co-workers. You’d lose your job. And you can’t run home to kick the dog or abuse your mate. That would land you in the slammer. So what can you do? . .

Legacy of Pain for Kids of Divorce

 Drugs, alcohol, fear of intimacy plague children whose parents break up Childhood spent in resigned solitude, adolescence roiled by drug and alcohol abuse, adulthood compromised—this is the stark legacy for children of divorce, says a landmark study by an acclaimed Marin County researcher.


 Throughout history, mankind has deemed the heart the center of love. But scientists tell us love is all in our mind or brain. And fueled by chemicals and chemistry. When two people are attracted to each other, a virtual explosion of adrenaline-like nuerochemicals gushes forth. Fireworks explode and we see stars. PEA or phenylethylamine is a chemical that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells.

Drug-Free Solutions to Attention Deficit Disorder

 Once ADD was medically defined, pharmaceutical companies raced for an answer in the form of a drug. Unfortunately, the most successful treatment thus far has been central nervous system stimulants such as Ritalin® (methylphenidate). While these drugs appear to be effective for psychological, educational and social disorders, many professionals feel they only offer a temporary solution, since these drugs do not permanently change behavior patterns.

The Being Values

  The characteristics of being are also the values of being! (B-Values are paralleled by the characteristics of : fully human people, the preferences of fully human people; the characteristics of selfhood [identity] in peak experiences; the characteristics of ideal art; the characteristics of ideal children; the characteristics of ideal mathematical demonstrations, of ideal experiments and theories, of ideal science and knowledge;


Being Cognition vs. Deficiency Cognition

  Describing the two different types of mental cognitive abilities