The Being- Values

(as descriptions of the reality perceived during peak experiences)

The characteristics of being are also the values of being!  (B-Values are paralleled by the characteristics of :fully human people, the preferences of fully human people; the characteristics of selfhood [identity] in peak experiences; the characteristics of ideal art; the characteristics of ideal children; the characteristics of ideal mathematical demonstrations, of ideal experiments and theories, of ideal science and knowledge; the far goals of all ideal [Taoistic non-interfering] psychotherapies; the far goals of ideal humanistic education; the far goals and the expression of some kinds of religion; the characteristics of the ideally good environment and of the ideally good society)

1. Truth: (honesty; reality; nakedness; simplicity; richness; essentiality; oughtness; beauty; pure; clean and unadulterated completeness)

2. Goodness: (rightness; desirability; oughtness; justice; benevolence; honesty); (we love it, are attracted to it, approve of it).

3 Beauty: (rightness; form; alikeness; simplicity; richness; wholeness, perfection; completion; uniqueness; honesty). 

4. Wholeness: (unity; integration; tendency to oneness; interconnectedness: simplicity; organization; structure; order, not dissociated; synergy; homonymous and integrative tendencies) 

4a. Dichotomy-transcendence: (acceptance, resolution, integration, or transcendence of dichotomies, polarities, opposites, contradictions; synergy, i.e., transformation of oppositions into unities, of antagonists into collaborating or mutually enhancing partners)   

5 Aliveness: (process; not-deadness; spontaneity; self-regulation; full-functioning; changing and yet remaining the same; expressing itself).

6.  Uniqueness: (idiosyncrasy; individuality; non-comparability;  novelty; eccentricity; nothing else like it)

7. Perfection: (nothing superfluous; nothing lacking; everything in its right place, unimprovable; just-rightness; just-so-ness; suitability; justice, completeness; nothing beyond; ought-ness).

7a. Necessity: (inevitability; it must be just that way; not changed in any slightest way; and it is good that it is that way).

8. Completion: (ending; finality; justice it's finished; no more: changing of the Gestalt; fulfillment; finis and telos; nothing missing or lacking; totality; fulfillment of destiny; cessation; climax; consummation closure; death before rebirth; cessation and completion of growth and development).

9. Justice: (fairness; oughtness; suitability; architectonic quality; necessity; inevitability; disinterestedness; non-partiality)

9a.  Order: (lawfulness; rightness; nothing superfluous; perfectly arranged ).

10. Simplicity: (honesty; nakedness; essentiality; abstract unmistakability; essential skeletal structure; the heart of the matter; bluntness; only that which is necessary; without ornament, nothing extra or superfluous).

11. Richness: (differentiation; complexity; intricacy; totality; nothing missing or hidden; all there; "non-importance," i.e., everything is equally important; nothing is unimportant; everything left the way it is, without improving, simplifying, abstracting, rearranging)

12. Effortlessness: (ease; lack of strain, striving. or difficulty; grace; perfect and beautiful functioning).

13. Playfulness: (fun; joy; amusement; gaiety; humor; exuberance: effortlessness).

14. Self-sufficiency: (autonomy; independence; not-needing-anything-other-than-itself-in-order-to-be-itself; self-determining; environment-transcendence; separateness; living by its own laws; identity)