The Communication Skills Office


What you learn

  • How to talk so people can hear what you are saying, rather than reacting to the way you said it
  • How to listen in such a way that people feel fully understood

How  it Helps

  • People learn to communicate accurately
  • Reduces conflict
  • Increases intimacy

How much time and money do you save

Conventional Therapy

  1. At least three sessions at $150 to $300 per session
  2. Three trips to the therapists office
  3. About 6 hours of your time and several hundred dollars of your money

Computer Assisted Therapy

  1. $25
  2. 2 hours of your time

What you get for $25

  • Access to video seminar by the Directors of Best Self USA fully explaining communications Skills (90 minutes)
  • A PowerPoint hand out
  • Supporting written material
  • One FREE email consultation with a therapist
  • One FREE 15 minute telephone skills review consultation with therapist

If you see the need please go to the Personalized Counseling with live therapist Office – Computer Assisted Therapy clients are offered a reduced rate of $150

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