The Conflict Resolution Office


What you learn

  • The science behind conflict resolution
  •  How primitive instincts make conflict resolution difficult
  •  How learned skills can make it possible to resolve conflict
  •  How to find solutions that satisfy all parties
  •  How to find solutions that are better than if either party had gotten  their own way

How  it Helps

  • Successfully resolving conflict eliminates old issues
  • Resolving conflict builds intimacy and improves relationships
  • Encourages open communication
  • Encourages problem solving
  • Resolves disagreements quickly
  • Builds teamwork

How much time and money do you save

Conventional Therapy

  1. At least four sessions at $150 to $300 per session
  2. Four trips to the therapists office
  3. About 8 hours of your time and several hundred dollars of your money

Computer Assisted Therapy

  1. $25
  2. 2 hours of your time

What you get for $25

  • Access to video seminar by the Directors of Best Self USA fully explaining Conflict Resolution (90 minutes)
  • A PowerPoint hand out
  • Supporting written material
  • One FREE email consultation with a therapist
  • One FREE 15 minute telephone skills review consultation with therapist
  • Reviewing these computer assisted skills can greatly reduce the time and money people need to spend dealing with specific issues in individual sessions.

If you see the need please go to the Personalized Counseling with Live Therapist Office – Computer Assisted Therapy clients are offered a reduced rate of $150

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