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We highly recommend Dr. David Keirsey’s book “Please Understand Me II” -


You have option of filling out the Keirsey Temperament Sorter on-line @  There is no charge for this service but all you get is your four letter personality type code.



What you learn:

  • Learn your personality type, and skills for dealing with other types.
  • Each participant gets to take a Keirsey Temperament Sorter Inventory to determine his own personality type, then we will learn clues to identify the personality types of other people, and provide skills for relating to the different types.  Great to help teachers, couples, administrators, and parents who want to encourage and cherish diversity.


How much time and money you save:


Conventional psychotherapy

  • At least two sessions at $150 to $300 per session
  • Two trips to the therapists office
  • About 4 hours of your time and several hundred dollars of your money

Computer Assisted Therapy

  • $25
  • 2 hours of your time

 What you get for $25:

  • A video seminar by the Directors of Best Self USA fully explaining Personality Types (90 Min.)
  • A PowerPoint hand outSupporting written material
  • One FREE email consultation with a therapist
  • One FREE 15 Min. telephone skills-review consultation with a therapist

Reviewing these computer assisted skills can greatly reduce the time and money people need to spend dealing with specific issues in individual sessions.

Additional personalized coaching is available by going to the Personalized Counseling with Live Therapist Office –

Computer assisted therapy clients are offered a reduced rate of $150 per session

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