The Personality Evaluation Office

Personality Inventories ($25 each)

  • Screening InventoryDetermines dysfunctional as well as healthy responses to situations
  • Fear and Unpleasant Reaction InventoryMeasures degree and types of anxiety reactions
  • Beliefs InventoryAccesses types and degree of irrational thought patterns
  • Bernreuter's SS Scale  - Quantifies a broad spectrum of emotional as well as situational competency traits
  • Personality TypesLearn your personality type, and how you can achieve more desirable interaction with people of different personality types (associated with the Personality Types Office)
  • Personality StylesDescribes the 14 “styles”, gives tips on how to make the most of your personality style, and suggestions for successful interactions with people of different styles

Complete personality profile (all of the above) including a private session for interpretation of scores

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